Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ten Minutes Well Spent

My husband, Mike, often likes to tell me about the book he is reading. Because I frequently get asked to suggest titles to library patrons, his reviews are especially helpful to me. Not only do I have my own reading list to draw upon, but I also get to read vicariously through him. Last night he tipped me off to his newest discovery- author George Saunders. I think he chose The Tenth of December: A Collection of Short Stories because the book jacket declared Saunders a self-described disciple of Twain and Vonnegut. I was intrigued by Mike’s choice and filed Saunders’s name away for future reference. I didn’t have to wait long. Just this morning I ran across the name George Saunders  when a Facebook friend posted a link to an article about a commencement speech Saunders had recently given at Syracuse University. I read the speech. It was inspiring, thoughtful, and touching. I have been thinking about the article all day. Read it. I guarantee it will be ten minutes well spent. Then when you are done, check out a George Saunders novel. Mike says they are pretty good.

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