Thursday, August 1, 2013

Outside Your Window by Nicola Davies

I absolutely loved the children's book 'Outside Your Window' by Nicola Davies. Davies fills the book with fun, easy to understand information about all things nature! You learn about the 4 seasons, all different types of animals, and the wonderful elements sunshine, rain and snow. The book also talks about gardening from growing delicious juicy berries to composting in your garden and seed saving, and everything else between the sky and the earth! There's even recipes for making yummy pies and suet for the birdies! To top off all the goodness the illustrations in this book are BEAUTIFUL. Very colorful and stimulating for the children's brains. This is the perfect book for getting kids excited and learning about nature and is definitely going to be an addition to our collection at home. Check it out today here:  and go explore!

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