Thursday, December 20, 2012

10 things you can learn using a library database

1.  How to say “hello” in Icelandic
                        Mango Language Learning
 2.  How to fix your 1986 Chevy Celebrity Station Wagon
                        Mitchell 1 Auto Repair
 3.  Your great-great grandfather’s hometown
 4.  What the national song of Uruguay is
                        Culture Grams, WorldBook
5.  Headlined from Peninsula Daily News May 18, 1980
                        Local Newspaper Index
6.  How to fix your grandma’s lawnmower      
                        Small Engine Repair Database
7.  Authors who write crime novels like Michael Connelly
8.  Your cousin’s-step-brother’s aunt’s phone number
                          Reference USA
9.   Where Dr. Seuss was born
                        Biography Reference USA
10.  Your legal rights as a tenant
                        Legal Information Resource

The library has many electronic resources to help you answer the questions in your life. Available 24-7 for free with a NOLS library card. Check it out at, click E-Resources and then Databases A-Z to see a full list of library databases.

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